New Member Sparkle

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
posted by elizabeth @ 5:39 PM

Today we had the honor of listening to Congressman Randy Weber speak to The Business Forum.  Congressman Weber was elected this past November.  While he is new to Congress, he is not a new elected official.  He was a Texas State Representative before.  He owns a small business and his wife teaches 4th Grade.  What I enjoyed the most this morning was the freshness of his comments.   Yes, he spoke on issues such as gun rights and sequestration in ways you would expect a Republican to speak.  However, his thoughts are fresh and his energy is quick.

I love listening to new Members.  Any new elected official.  And at any level — federal, local, or state.   They are ready to take on the problems they feel need addressing with an earnest zeal.  While they are not necessarily naive or innocent, the way they process information and the platform from which they view elected office is bright and sharp.

I appreciate members who have been in office a while.  They bring institutional knowledge to the table and seniority that new Members have not necessarily garnered yet.  I appreciate working with Members at all levels of seniority.  I have learned a great deal of knowledge and skills from the wisdom and experience of “old timers.”  But the excitement and sparkle of a new Member is an opportunity that always makes me grin.  Congratulations to all the new Members – state and federal — who have just taken office.

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