Perry vs. Abbott?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
posted by elizabeth @ 10:35 AM
Attorney General Greg Abbott and Governor Rick Perry

Attorney General Greg Abbott and Governor Rick Perry. Photo by Bob Daemmrich.

DFW politics reporter Brad Watson has received some good exposure lately. First he broke news that Attorney General Greg Abbott had told donors he was running for governor in 2014. Then last week he reported that Gov. Perry said that there was an agreement in place in which Abbott would not challenge Perry in 2014 if the governor ran again.

With Abbott sitting on nearly $18 million in the bank – nearly triple what Perry last reported – coupled with the fact that many Texans are starting to feel the itch for new leadership at the top after 12 years, it is not far-fetched to imagine Abbott unseating Perry if the two did go head-to-head in a bloody primary in 2014. Perry has never lost an election in Texas, and I doubt that is the way he would want it to end.

So what does their “agreement” really consist of? Is it truly that Abbott will not challenge Perry if he decides to run again? Or is it that Abbott will wait for Perry’s decision not to run again before announcing his own candidacy? I can see a situation playing out where Perry announces the end of his era as governor and at the same time endorses Abbott. A win-win-win. Abbott gets what he wanted all along, Perry gets to appear as if he was in the driver’s seat, and some new potential statewide candidates get to finally run for the offices they have been waiting for since 2008 & 2010. Then all eyes would be on Perry’s next venture. But then again, Perry has defied the odds & predictions before, so I guess we really may not know until this summer.


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