Grassroots and PACs

Corporate Grassroots and PACs

Developing and managing an internal grassroots program, including employee actions and communications, as well as PAC development and management.  This tool includes educating organization members, employees, retirees, and the public on the issues and how the issues affect them.


Grassroots Mobilization

Organizing and mobilizing coalitions, trade associations, or businesses in support of, or in opposition to, an issue.  This also includes face-to-face in-district meetings, personalized letters, phone calls, faxes, and emails.


Coalition Organization and Administration

Organizing, developing, and/or strengthening allies and partners in order to work toward a common goal or supporting/opposing an issue.

PAC Development and Management

Creating, developing, and managing corporate and membership organization PACs. We can help an organization create and/or build their PAC in membership size and in contributions.  We also support the organization after the initial construction. We continue to manage and nurture the PAC process to continue to achieve the goals.