Politics is Like a Box of Chocolates

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
posted by elizabeth @ 4:19 PM

I recently saw a blog post titled “Politics is like a Box of Chocolate.”   I like that.  It is true.   The post was talking about different types of spending and promises (the middle of various chocolates), but I immediately thought of the different types of politicians we have running our national, state, and local governments.   One person’s conservative position could be defined as liberal to another person.  While I do personally believe we that we have already moved to a country of two halves – pro-spending and anti-spending.   Even that simplifies our system.   Regionally, we are very different people, too, even as we stay united as American citizens.

Look at the gun issue.  It is certainly not a Democratic or Republican issue.  It is more regional.   Southern Democrats in general are more pro-Second Amendment than Northern Republicans.  The same can be said for other issues such as the Right to Life or States Rights.  And, one can break it down further, an urban conservative has different perspectives than a more rural conservative Member of Congress or the State Legislature.

Of course personalities of those running for office influence their stands on issues.   Is the elected official married, a parent, a business owner, a hunter, a traveler, an educator?   This is stating the obvious.   But it is worth mentioning that a group of politicians is indeed like a box of chocolates.  They are all different, and it is hard to generalize.  Not all Right-thinking politicians are crazy, nor are all left-leaning folks Communists.   So, this Valentine’s Day, think of Politics like a box of chocolates.  Maybe life will be a little sweeter when we appreciate our assortment.

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